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Crossbows & Archery Law

PLEASE NOTE: you must be 18 years old or over to buy these products 

It is illegal for us to sell any Weaponry like knives, swords or crossbows to anyone under 18 years of age. 

To avoid this we have to carry out standard age checks on all new customers before we can process and dispatch your order. 

We will do this in two ways: 

1: Electoral Roll check or if we can not find you either at billing or delivery address. 

2: We will contact you by e-mail asking for proof of age. 

Please provide us with a scan of any official ID which shows clearly your full name, home address and date of birth. 

Such as a driving licence, passport, birth certificate, medical insurance card or hospital letter 

A clear digital photo or a scan will be acceptable. 

E-mails should be sent to 

Picture messages should be sent to 07768446040 

To ensure that your order is dealt with quickly please ensure that you provide us with your full first name and surname (no nicknames, initials or abbreviations) and please ensure that you enter the address that your payment card is registered at, as your billing details. 

An alternative delivery address can be entered at the checkout. 

Alternative If you send the above information at same time as placing the order you can avoid any delays 

Failure to enter the correct registered card address as recognized by your bank may result in the order being cancelled and refunded. 

Any scans or picture messages are deleted as soon as the information has been processed and no copies are kept. 

If you cannot e-mail or text your proof of age then a photocopy could be sent by post to: 


Unit H Staniforth Works, 
Main Street, 
S12 4LB 

E-mails should be sent to 

Picture text messages should be sent to 07768446040 

If you cannot send any proof of age your order will be cancelled and refunded after 7 days. 

We will only request proof of age once and once it is given the customers account will be updated, this will mean any further age checks for future orders will be unnecessary. 

If a customer logs into a new account then it is possible that they will be asked to provide proof of age again. 

Please make sure that you check your e-mails (and spam box!!) when you have placed your order because if we have to ask for proof of age and you do not reply your order will be delayed and/or cancelled and refunded. 

Since 2002, there have been two versions of the Electoral Roll available. 

The full (public) Electoral Roll and the edited (private) Electoral Roll. 

The full Electoral Roll lists all people who are entitled to vote but access to this list is restricted by law, only the Police, security services and credit reference agencies can search the full version of the UK Electoral Roll. 

It is possible to opt out of the edited Electoral Roll by means of ticking a box on the Electoral roll form. 

Once you have opted out then your listing will not be seen by businesses like us who use the Electoral Roll for identity checks. 

We can only view the edited version. 

If this is the case, we will need to see additional proof of age before we can process your order. 


Should be used for target shooting only in the UK 

You need to check the law in the country you plan on hunting in